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About Titan

Titan Marketing Co.

Hello! I’m Dariana Cabrera, a passionate and driven Marketing Specialist with over three years of experience in growth marketing and operations and a Master of Science in Digital Marketing. I have a passion for working with people and supporting our community’s small businesses.

Titan Marketing is dedicated to accelerating growth for small businesses through strategic, data-driven marketing solutions.

We help companies enhance their brand awareness, acquire new customers, and create compelling content that drives engagement and growth.

Our Expertise

Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Brand Awareness
Why Work with Me?

Titan Marketing Co.

I pride myself on being highly organized and self-motivated. Based in California, I strive to create and execute successful marketing campaigns, manage client data, and create and measure campaign effectiveness for your business.


Smart Solution


Efective Strategy

Why Work with Me?

My experience in growth marketing allows me to effectively expand your business’s reach and help you gain more traffic to your store, social media, or website. Whether it’s creating compelling digital content, managing campaigns, or developing innovative marketing strategies, I am committed to delivering results and exceeding expectations.

Feel free to explore my website to learn more about my work, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to collaborate or discuss potential opportunities!